Eddy Current NDT Probes


ETher NDE can offer a full range of Standard Probes, Weld Probes, Special Probe Design services and a wide choice of Probe Accessories. With our Probe manufacture based in-house, we have the ability to guarentee you the quality you expect from you Eddy Current Probes.

We offer a wide range of Standard Eddy Current (ECT) Probes including: 

Pencil Probes
Thread Inspection Probes
Broad Band Probes
Rotating Probes
Weld Probes
Internal Diameter (ID) Probes
Surface Inspection Probes
Encircling Probes

Special Probe Design

We specialise in Special Eddy Current Transducer (ECT) design and our in-house design and probe manufacturing team are dedicated to finding the best Special Probe solution for your application. Read more...

Eddy Current (EC) Weld Probes

ETher NDE can offer a broad range of Eddy Current (ECT) Weld Probes including specially designed Eddy Current (EC) Weld Probes to your specification. Read more...

Eddy Current (ET) Rotary Drives

We can offer two different Rotary Drives, the Saturn (high-torque) and the Mercury (small for tighter spaces). Each are perfect for Hole Inspection, Countersink Inspection and Surface Inspection. Read more...

Eddy Current (EC) Probe Accessories

No NDT inspection kit is complete without the correct accessories. At ETher NDE we have direct contact with NDT end-users all over the world and know how important it is to have the correct accessories to accompany your Eddy Current (ECT) NDT equipment. Read more...

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