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Sliding Probes (PF)

Sliding probes either slide along or over rows of fasteners.

Typically used on aircraft wings (and on other similar structures) to detect cracks and corrosion on or near the surface around fasteners and in deeper layers under the skins.

Probe Selector

Key Features

Sliding probes are available with different connectors:

  • PFS001 - Dual element sliding probe - Reflection - Lemo 4-Way - contains a transmit and receive element - 400Hz-50kHz - used on fastener head sizes 1mm and below
  • PFS002 - Dual element sliding probe - Tx, Rx - contains a transmit and receive element - 100Hz-500kHz - Comes with 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5mm wide Lens.

Probe Selector

If you know which probe type you are looking for you can send us the item details from the table below to make your order. Copy the product information below and email to

Sliding Probes (PFxxx)


Leads to fit above probes


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