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Developed with the Additive Manufacturing industry in mind the AMCheck can be conveniently panel mounted for inspection of Additive Manufactured (AM) parts during inspection.

A high performance eddy current flaw detector which can deliver C-Scan data storage and has Dual probe or dual frequency capabilities.  Using the AMCheck eddy current flaw detector, DLL data may be streamed over USB to the AM host computer for display, analysis and reporting.


  • High performance eddy current flaw detector with C-Scan data storage
  • Dual probe or dual frequency capability
  • Allows up to 2 encoders to be connected, flexibility that will permit many scanner mechanisms to be interfaced
  • Flexible Dual Bridge and Reflection probe inspection
  • Ability to post analyse data for peer review and audit purposes
  • Readily incorporate C-Scan inspection results in a report
  • User friendly interface, single level menu system, “quick function” sidebar
  • Large Daylight readable display 145mm (5.7”)
  • Rugged lightweight housing 1.2kg (2.6lbs)
  • 2 year standard warranty
  • Optional ETherCover extending warranty to 5 years


Designed as a Turnkey solution

Ideal for AM manufacturers needing to add or retro-fit Eddy Current inspection to an Additive Manufacturing CNC or Robotic System.

In-process NDT

Eddy Current’s unique non-contact and intrinsically hassle free attributes (no couplant, no effluent and no radiation) means it is the best solution for in- process NDT. Allowing the part to be inspected during manufacture, one or more layers at a time.

Operating Modes

Include C-Scan capability, Eddy Current Single Probe Frequency,  Eddy Current Dual Probe Frequency, Eddy Current 2 Probe/2 Channel, Rotating Drive, Conductivity with thickness. 

Standard Kit

Part #Item
KIAMS001 KIT AmCheck, Dual Frequency Eddy Current Portable Flaw Detector with Encoder Input. Includes:
IAMS001 InstrumentAmCheck, Dual Frequency Eddy Current Portable Flaw Detector, with Encoder Input & wall mounting brackets.
AWEL002Accessory Power Adapter + Input Plugs, (UK, EU, US & Australia)
AWEL003Accessory Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap, Quick-Release Clips
AC006Accessory Instrument Soft Carry Case
A090USB CABLE - A to MINI B, 1m, (RoSH Compliant)
41048Quick Reference Card - AmCheck
ALL12-L04-025RAccessory Lead, Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4-Way, , 2.5m (Reflection)
ALL12-L04-025BAccessory Lead, Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4-Way, , 2.5m (Bridge)
ALL04-L04-025BRAccessory Lead, 4-Way Lemo to 4-Way Lemo 2.5m Bridge & Reflection
C234PLUG 8-WAY LEMO Solder Type (4.1 to 5.0mm) (LEMO: FGG.1B.308.CLAD52Z)
C232CABLE SLEEVE LEMO GMA.1B.045.DJ (YELLOW) Bend Relief (Polyurethane) (To fit Cable Dia 4.5 - 4.9mm)
60099Software, AmCheck USB Stick image - Issue 1


Part #Item
ALL08-L08-025Accessory Lead, Lemo 8-Way - Lemo 8-Way, 2.5m (To Connect ETher Scanners to PhaseCheck, AMCheck)
ALL12-M02-015AAccessory, Lead, Lemo 12-Way - Micro Plug, 1.5m (Absolute)
ALL12-B02-015AAccessory, Lead, Lemo 12-Way - BNC Plug, 1.5m (Absolute)
ALL08-ENC-002Accessory, Encoder to Lemo 8-way, 2m long
ENCODER - Incremental Encoder 1024 ppr 12000rpm 5 24 V dc
(Manual Scanning)
ASCAN002Accessory, Incremental Miniature Encoder with Spring Lever and Measuring Wheel, 2m, Lemo 8-Way (To fit dia 16mm probes)
(Kubler Rotary Encoder, Incremental, 1024 PPR 5V)
KASCAN001KIT, SCANNER, Suction Cup Base, X-Y and R-Theta Magnetic Encoders
KASCAN002KIT, SCANNER, Suction Cup Base, X-Y Magnetic Encoders


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