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Weld Probe Specials

We are able to offer our customers the best design service for Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Special Weld Probes, building them all in-house using the vast team knowledge and experience in bespoke and standard Eddy Current (EC) Probe manufacture.

Over the years at Hocking NDT and also at ETher NDE our team has come across many obscure and tricky applications that have all needed a different design for the Eddy Current (ET) Weld Probe. So although below is mentioned a selection of Eddy Current (ET) Special Weld Probes available, we are open to all enquiries and questions. 

As well as designing weld probes for your application, we are also able to offer the following social weld probes, developed for various application environments.

High Temperature Ceramic Tipped Probes

We are pleased to be able to offer High-Temperature Weld Probes for in-service inspection of welded structures, working to a touch temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.

If you know the Weld Probe you need and you want to change it to a High-Temperature Weld Probe simply add a “C” to the end of a standard probe part number.  (See Weld Probe info and part number config doc here)

Flat Faced Eddy Current Probes

Absolute metal sorting and general surface probes – low profile so ideal for those tight inspection areas.   

Stainless Steel Dome-Faced Eddy Current Weld Probes

In-service inspection of welded structures, with high wear resistance. Simply add a “S” to the end of a standard probe part number, also available in disconnect options.

Waterproof Eddy Current Weld Probes

Under water in-service inspection of welded structures, max length 100 metres.

Download our Probe Catalogue

Short Form Probe Catalogue (1.7MB)

ETher NDE Probe Catalogue (1.4MB)

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