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Introducing the latest addition to our core range, the PhaseCheck, an advanced dual probe, dual frequency advanced eddy current flaw detector with C-Scan capability.

For the first time in the field of portable NDT instruments the PhaseCheck delivers the operator with a hand-held high-end eddy current flaw detector package, delivering C-Scan data display.  As the saying goes “a picture is worth a 1000 words” and to date “pictures” , such as the inspection data displayed in C-Scan images,  have been limited to expensive large laboratory instruments. 

The PhaseCheck also supports motorised and manual X/Y and R/Theta scanners, with an easy scan calibration and set up, together with the flexible encoder configuration, with two being able to be connected for XY scanning.

Flexible dual bridge and reflection probe inspection is possible as two probes may be used at the same time. As with all the core eddy current flaw detectors in our range, the PhaseCheck can be used with all reflection, bridge and absolute probes from all manufacturers and uses industry standard 12-Way Lemo and 4 Way Lemo connectors, reducing the need to use adapters.

PhaseCheck_AmCheck_Mar 2022.pdf (1.6MB)


  • Dual Frequency high performance eddy current flaw detector with C-Scan capability
  • Supports X/Y and R/Theta manual scanners with an easy scan calibration
  • Allows up to 2 encoders to be connected, flexibility that will permit many scanner mechanisms to be interfaced
  • Flexible Dual Bridge and Reflection probe inspection
  • Ability to post analyse data for peer review and audit purposes
  • Readily incorporate C-Scan inspection results in a report
  • User friendly interface, single level menu system, “quick function” sidebar
  • Large Daylight readable display 145mm (5.7”)
  • Rugged lightweight housing 1.2kg (2.6lbs)
  • 2 year standard warranty
  • Optional ETherCover extending warranty to 5 years.



Typical scan is 120mm x 100mm at 0.1mm resolution. Maximum resolution size is 1 million data points.

On Board Eddy Current (EC) Modes

C-Scan, EC single probe frequency, EC dual probe frequency, EC dual probe dual channel, Rotating Drive, Conductivity with thickness.

Data Logging

Real time recording or signal data and “replay” on instruments & desktop PC, up to 164 seconds.

Innovative “Loop” Feature

“Loop” is a convenient way of capturing a live repetitive signal and then adjusting the instrument settings especially Phase, Gain and Filters in order to simplify the task of optimising the parameters.


The trace function allows a reference waveform to be stored on the screen and appears along with the graticule behind the live spot. This allows the operator to readily compare the live data with the reference calibration.

Operator defined “soft keys”

There are four soft key positions for operator selectable icons for frequently used functions and a fifth position for the last menu function used. Each saved instrument setting can be associated with a unique, one press set of quick access functions. There are also two front panel hard keys that can also be easily programmed for rapid one press access to instrument functions.

Standard Kit

Part NumberItem
KIPHAS001 KIT PhaseCheck, Dual Frequency Eddy Current Portable Flaw Detector with Encoder Input. Includes:
IPHAS001 InstrumentPhaseCheck, Dual Frequency Eddy Current Portable Flaw Detector, with Encoder Input.
AWEL002 AccessoryPower Adapter + Input Plugs, (UK, EU, US & Australia)
AWEL003 AccessoryAdjustable Padded Shoulder Strap, Quick-Release Clips
AC006 AccessoryInstrument Soft Carry Case
A090USB CABLE - A to MINI B, 1m, (RoSH Compliant)
40865Quick Reference Card - PhaseCheck
AAER004 AccessoryProtective Splash Proof Cover
ALL12-L04-025RAccessory Lead, Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4-Way, , 2.5m (Reflection)
ALL12-L04-025BAccessory Lead, Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4-Way, , 2.5m (Bridge)
ALL04-L04-025BRAccessory Lead, 4-Way Lemo to 4-Way Lemo 2.5m Bridge & Reflection
ALL12-B02-015AAccessory Lead, Lemo 12-Way - BNC Plug, , 1.5m (Absolute)
ALL12-M02-015AAccessory Lead, Lemo 12-Way - Micro Plug, , 1.5m (Absolute)
C234 PLUG 8-WAYLEMO Solder Type (4.1 to 5.0mm) (LEMO: FGG.1B.308.CLAD52Z)
C232 CABLE SLEEVELEMO GMA.1B.045.DJ (YELLOW) Bend Relief (Polyurethane) (To fit Cable Dia 4.5 - 4.9mm)


Part NumberItem
ALL08-L08-025 Accessory Lead, Lemo 8-Way - Lemo 8-Way, 2.5m (To Connect ETher Scanners to PhaseCheck, AMCheck)
ALL08-ENC-002Accessory, Encoder to Lemo 8-way, 2m long.
ENCODER - Incremental Encoder 1024 ppr 12000rpm 5 24 V dc
(Manual Scanning)
ASCAN002Accessory, Incremental Miniature Encoder with Spring Lever and Measuring Wheel, 2m, Lemo 8-Way (To fit dia 16mm probes)
(Kubler Rotary Encoder, Incremential, 1024 PPR 5V)
KASCAN001KIT, SCANNER, Suction Cup Base, X-Y and R-Theta Magnetic Encoders
KASCAN002KIT, SCANNER, Suction Cup Base, X-Y Magnetic Encoders


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