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Wheel Inspection

Eddy Current techniques are recognised as being superior to other NDT inspection techniques for wheel inspection such as the often used Dye Penetrant which is resource hungry both in time and man-hours. Wheels play a critical role in the Aerospace, Transport, and Automotive industries and are subject to extreme forces, resulting in cracking from metal fatigue or heat damage, subsequently require regular inspection to uphold safety standards.

EC Testing offers operators great advantages in improved resource use but also delivers higher levels of accuracy in inspection data and flaw sizing.

Advantages include:

  • One operator can oversee the whole inspection process
  • A wide range of flaws can be detected including surface breaking defect, hidden cracks, and changes in material integrity due to heat damage for example
  • Eddy Current can allow automation to be built into an operation’s inspection procedures
  • Preparation and set up times are kept to a minimum

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