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Internal Diameter (ID)

Our range of ID Probes are designed hand in hand with our Cables to offer the best options when working in the field.

Cables if either the Probe or Cable fails, the operator can easily swap them for another and carry on with their inspection reducing interruption to their inspection and the cost of having to replace both the Probe and Cable.  For internal diameter tube inspection our ID probes are ideal for the inspection of non-ferrous tubular heat exchangers, condensers, air conditioning etc.

Probe Selector

Key Features

  • Probe diameters from 7.5 to 150mm, available in 0.1mm steps
  • Dis-connectable and integral probe cables
  • Cable lengths from 3.0 to 30meters
  • Frequency range from 1.4kHz to 1.5MHz, centre frequencies 2.7, 10, 24, 76, 190, 400kHz

When ordering ID probes allow 0.8 to 1.5mm less than the tube diameter, this should be good for typical tube condition and manufacturing tolerances. Where tolerances are poor allow for greater clearance, tape can be used were necessary to reduce probe ‘wobble’.

Internal Diameter Probes Brochure (341.9KB)

Probe Selector

If you know which probe type you are looking for you can send us the item details from the table below to make your order. Copy the product information below and email to

Internal Diameter Probes (PIDxxx)

Examples below, other options available please refer to probe catalogue.


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