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The RailCheck Flaw detector is a hand-held Eddy current flaw detector, modified for specific rail inspection, and is easily partnered with a rail trolley and ETher NDE’s rail probes.

The FILUS EC-1 Trolley is a hand-pushed trolley, specially designed to check a single rail using Eddy current methods. The trolley uses a single eddy current probe and is capable of continuous inspection of the rail for defects which break the surface of the head of the rail. Inspection of the gauge corner and face for head checks is also possible due to the unique design of the probe.

The on-board RailCheck Eddy Current flaw-detector can be configured to trigger an audible and visual warning should a defect be indicated; the display shows the presence of potential defects in the rail and the complete inspection is continuously recorded for later analysis.

RailCheck & Filus Brochure.pdf (1.1MB)

Industries & Applications


  • Single Rail Eddy Current Trolley to detect surface-breaking defects
  • Unique Probe designed to follow the shape of the top and gauge faces of the rail
  • Adjustable height rollers to ensure a constant gap between probe and rail, for smooth probe carriage
  • Sprung Diablo wheels to ensure a good reference to the gauge face
  • User friendly interface, single level menu system, “quick function” sidebar
  • Large Daylight readable display 145mm (5.7”)
  • Rugged lightweight housing 1.2kg (2.6lbs)
  • 2 year standard warranty
  • Optional ETherCover extending warranty to 5 years


“Widescan” Rail probe

Ether’s “Widescan” Rail probes are used in conjunction with an ETher NDE portable flaw detector for rapid rail inspection, they can detect surface breaking flaws, lightness, and overcome consistency problems associated with ultrasonic couplant and higher surface speed capability.  

Defect sizing

The Rail probe, a single probe that is capable of detecting orientated flaws in one pass of the rail head, giving depth (size) of the flaw.

Rotary Encoder

A rotary encoder to provide distance information to the software and synchronise the sample rate with the speed.

Vector Display

“Trace” vs “distance” can be captured and when using Vector Display both data sets can be shown simultaneously.

Standard Kit

Part #Item
KIRAIL001 KIT - RailCheck, Dual Frequency Eddy Current Portable Flaw Detector with Encoder Input. Includes:
IRAIL001 InstrumentRailCheck, Dual Frequency Eddy Current Portable Flaw Detector, with Encoder Input
AWEL002 AccessoryPower Adapter + Input Plugs, (UK, EU, US & Australia)
AWEL003 AccessoryAdjustable Padded Shoulder Strap, Quick-Release Clips
AC006 AccessoryInstrument Soft Carry Case
A090USB CABLE - A to MINI B, 1m, (RoSH Compliant)
40865Quick Reference Card - RailCheck
ALL12R-L04-015R-V1Accessory, Lead, Lemo 12-Way (Right angled) - Lemo 4-Way, 1.5m (Reflection), [V1= lemo 12-Way type= anglissimo]
AAER004 AccessoryProtective Splash Proof Cover
ALL04-L04-015-RAILAccessory, Lead, 4-Way Lemo (Right angle - anglissimo) to 4-Way Lemo, 1.5m, Bridge and Reflection (RailCheck)
ALL12-L04-025BAccessory Lead, Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4-Way, , 2.5m (Bridge)
ALL12-B02-015AAccessory Lead, Lemo 12-Way - BNC Plug, , 1.5m (Absolute)
ALL12-M02-015AAccessory Lead, Lemo 12-Way - Micro Plug, , 1.5m (Absolute)
C234 PLUG 8-WAYLEMO Solder Type (4.1 to 5.0mm) (LEMO: FGG.1B.308.CLAD52Z)
C232 CABLE SLEEVELEMO GMA.1B.045.DJ (YELLOW) Bend Relief (Polyurethane) (To fit Cable Dia 4.5 - 4.9mm)
60105Software, RailCheck USB Stick Image - Issue 1


Part #Item
PT013PT013 - Probe, WideScan, To Fit Rail Type UIC 60, Single Coil, Reflection, 20kHz to 500kHz, Lemo 4-Way socket.
PT013-01Probe, WideScan, To Fit Rail Type UIC 60, 50mm Wide, Dual Coil, Reflection, 20kHz to 500kHz, x2 Lemo 4-Way Sockets
PT003Probe, WideScan, Rail Head RT-1, 50mm Wide, Single Coil, Reflection, 20kHz to 500kHz, Lemo 4-Way Socket
PT004Probe, WideScan, Rail Head RT-1, 50mm Wide, Dual Coil, Reflection, 20kHz to 500kHz, x2 Lemo 4-Way Sockets
ALL04-L04-025BRAccessory, Lead, 4-Way Lemo to 4-Way Lemo 2.5m BRIDGE & REFLECTION
ALL12-L04-025RAccessory, Lead, Lemo 12-Way - Lemo 4-Way, 2.5m (Reflection)
ALL08-ENC-002Accessory, Encoder to Lemo 8-way, 2m long, ENCODER - Incremental Encoder 1024 ppr 12000rpm 5 24 V dc (Manual Scanning)
Trolley (TBC)