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Encircling (PE)

Encircling probes are used to inspect tube, bar and wire with their main application being the detection of surface breaking cracks and metal sorting.

ETher NDE Encircling Probes are available in different models. Reflection Encircling Probes - for use with in- line or off-line high-speed inspection of tubes, wires, bars, etc. Absolute – Reflection Probes ideal for metal sorting, wall thinning and Heat Treatment Applications.  Differential – Reflection Probes ideal for defect detection applications, such as cracks and pitting.

Key Features

  • Round Encircling Probes used to Inspect - Round Bar, Round Tube, Wire, Metal Sorting Applications, Heat Treatment Applications
  • Square Encircling Probes used to Inspect - Square Bar, Square Tube, Box Section, Metal Sorting Applications and Heat Treatment Applications
  • Broad frequency range
  • Additional wear guides can be added to standard probes, to increase wear resistance, these can be made in PET or St Steel
  • Fitted with a Rapid series 12-Way Jaeger connector for quick connection and de-coupling

Probes are manufactured to the size ordered please take in account the amount of clearance needed based on the part to be inspected, if unsure please ask.

Probes are made to order due to the large variety of configuration available.

Download our Probe Catalogue

Short Form Probe Catalogue (1.7MB)

ETher NDE Probe Catalogue (1.4MB)

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