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New WeldCheck 3 featured on the recent front cover of the European edition of Insight.

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January 2024

New Weldcheck 3 release features on the Insight, the official journal of BINDT, front cover.

The recent European issue of Insight featured the new WeldCheck 3 being used for Crane Boom Node inspection, by Rope Access Inspection team members from Altrad Sparrows, inspecting common place welds, developing their rope and inspection skills during their first year of training onshore. During the second year, trainees will spend short periods of time offshore to build-up their experience and, once completed successfully, will then become part of a “Flying Squad Offshore Team” for inspection services. 

First wave deliveries are rolling out this month to our partners and key customers, so it is a busy start to 2024 already. Key threads in the development of the new WeldCheck 3 were to enhance the instrument's ergonomics and build features to perform in the harshest of working conditions, including the rope access environment, whilst maintaining the outstanding performance and results.  The latest model of the WeldCheck evolved in partnership with in-field operator feedback, whilst embracing the use of new case materials, delivering enhanced ruggedness, a toughened screen, IP68 “top-face” connectors access, combined with optional features such as an encoder wheel for navigation.  We would like to thank the Altrad Sparrows team for their and time and support on-site in Aberdeen. 

If you would like to know more about the new WeldCheck 3 series of Eddy Current Flaw detectors please email or call +44 1727 648050




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