Eddy Current NDT Weld Probes

ETher NDE can offer a broad range of Eddy Current (ECT) Weld Probes including specially designed Eddy Current (EC) Weld Probes to your specification. To view our range of Eddy Current (ET) Weld Probes, please click here.

Eddy Current Weld Probes are specifically designed for the task of weld inspection of non-ferrous welds and steel structures. They can detect surface cracks on a weld with a non-conductive surface coating on it of up to 2mm.

The application specific design of the probe means that it is capable of inspecting welds with uneven surfaces and coatings on them.

Welds are often coated or painted making access to the weld for inspection more complicated when using other methods to Eddy Current (EC). For example, MPI and Dye Penetrant Inspection require the removal of the coating before inspection, costing both money and time. Eddy current (ECT) Weld Probes allow welds to be efficiently inspected for near-surface cracks because the weld can be inspected through paint or metallic coatings.

To view the ETher NDE selection of EC Weld Probes, click here.
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