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Learning Zone

Welcome to our Learning Zone.

In this area, we hope to provide some useful and educational material that covers the topics of NDT as well as Eddy Currents and Eddy Current NDT. The Learning Zone also houses some useful links for further education, training and useful resources for further reading. If you have any questions or application issues that you think the ETher team could help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

NDT Knowledge

Here we offer some insight into the world of eddy current NDT. First to understand where eddy current NDT fits into the world of NDT there is Getting to grips with NDT a very basic guide. Then there is A quick guide to Eddy Current NDT for a very basic guide to the range of applications Eddy Current NDT can cover. We also have created an Introduction to Conductivity.

Eddy Current Knowledge

For a more comprehensive understanding of Eddy Current NDT we are pleased to include here the 4 part series on Back to Basics Eddy Current. Published in the BINDT Journal Insight in 2004 and compiled by John Hansen whilst working for Hocking NDT this series offers a in-depth insight into Eddy Currents. Please see list acknowledgements at the end of part 4 for details of other contributors. Please use the contact form below to request a copy of the series.

Part 1. History and Electrical Theory

Part 2. The Impedance Plane and Probes

Part 3. Instrumentation and Applications

Part 4. Applications, Practical Testing and Advanced Concepts

If you want to find out more information about training courses in NDT or eddy current then visit the BINDT or ASNT Websites.

There is also a huge online resource of technical information at the NDT Resource Center here.


We have also created an A2 Eddy Current Formuale Wall Chart.

Published Papers

Below is a collection of papers on Eddy Current on NDT that we believe may be of interest to you.

Oberflächenrissprüfung mittels Wirbelstrom an Schienenköpfen zur Feststellung von Abrollermüdung (head checks)

Defect Sizing With A “Weldscan” Probe Using An Eddy Current Model

Weld Inspection using Dual Frequency

Buried Corrosion Detection in Multi-layer Airframe Structures Using Pulsed Eddy Current 

Automatic Differential Lift-off Compensation (AD-LOC) Method in Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection

ASNT Back to Basics Series Using Eddy Current Testing to Solve Industrial Problems

The changing image of Eddy Current

New Information Object Definitions for DICONDE

Eddy Current and Quantum Well Effect Eddy Current Field Measurement of Carbon Fibre Raw Materials and cured parts in the Aerospace Industry