Eddy Current Weld Probes

Learn More About Eddy Current Weld Probes

Inspecting with Eddy Current (ECT) Weld Probes is a specialist technique so we have compiled some useful references for learning more about inspecting with Eddy Current (EC) Weld Probes. 

If you feel that you have a good link to a helpful article about Eddy Current (ET) Weld Probes, please feel free to let us know and we will happily add a link to this page. We are working to not only provide great Eddy Current (ECT) Weld Probe solutions, but also to be a great source of knowledge on Eddy Current (EC) Weld Probes.


The In-Service Inspection of Coated Steel Welds Using Eddy-Current Techniques

Eddy Current Testing, an Emerging NDT Method for Ferritic Weld Inspection

Defect Sizing With A ‘Weldscan’ Probe Using An Eddy-Current Model

Weld Inspection Using Dual Frequency Eddy Currents

The Advantages of Using Eddy Current Technologies for Weld Inspection


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