Dual Probe/Frequency high performance eddy current flaw detector with C-Scan capability.

They say “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. To date “pictures” (C-Scan) in Eddy Current has been limited to expensive large laboratory instruments. Now for the first time in a hand held high-end eddy current flaw detector package we add a C-Scan data display capability.

With all the features and performance of the AeroCheck+ Eddy Current Flaw Detector combined with the ability to scan areas and document inspection results using a C-Scan Display.

Supports Motorised and Manual X/Y and R/Theta manual scanners with an easy scan calibration. Flexible encoder configuration will permit many scanner mechanisms to be interfaced.

PhaseCheck can be used with all reflection, bridge and absolute probes from all manufacturers and uses industry standard 12-Way Lemo and 4 Way Lemo connectors, reducing the need to use adapters. Two probes may be used at the same time.