Quality and Environmental

Your Assurance

ETher NDE have always prioritised customer service.

As a result of the proven track record of our product reliability we have increased our already industry leading 2 years warranty to 3 years on all our standard EC Flaw Detectors. This means you can be confident throughout the lifetime of ownership of our equipment.


You can now gain even further peace of mind by by purchasing ETherCover (more details here) this extends our already already generous warranty by a further 3 years. Steel Check, Victor2.2 D and SigmaCheck3 still have a still generous 2 years warranty see here.

“ETherCover” offers ONE Free Battery Swap and ONE Free Keypad Replacement during the period of coverage.

ETher has now implemented a New Policy and Commitment for “Product Lifetime Support”; in a nutshell this means that we will support all our “Instruments” for a MINIMUM OF FIVE YEARS AFTER WE CEASE MANUFACTURE OF THAT PRODUCT TYPE. So, just for example, if we built the “last-ever” AeroCheck+ in November 2024, ETher would guarantee all Customers that we will continue to Repair, Calibrate and Support the AeroCheck+ “installed base” until at least November 2029. 

This is a huge commitment and ETher NDE will be investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchasing the necessary “buffer stock” during 2021 / 2022 to honour this promise.

ISO 9001 Certificate for our Quality Management System

Joscar Supplier Accreditation

Hellios and ADS system supported by BAe Systems, UK Ministry of Defence, Leonardo UK, Qinetiq, Meggit, MBDA, General Dynamics and Rolls Royce.

Our Environmental Policy

We believe it is important for us to minimise our affect on Planet Earth.