SigmaCheck2 Eddy Current (ECT) Conductivity Meter

The SigmaCheck2 Eddy Current (ECT) Conductivity Meter is designed to provide the user with fast and accurate conductivity measurements at a reasonable price.

The SigmaCheck2 EC Conductivity Meter is extremely easy to use making it suitable for use by shop inspectors or engineers.

The SigmaCheck2 ET Conductivity meets the requirements for conductivity measurements in the Aircraft manufacture and maintenance fields where conductivity measurements are used to verify proper alloy/temper or detect heat damaged components. The SigmaCheck2 Eddy Current Conductivity Meter is also useful to determine the purity of best replica watches precious metals (counterfeit detection) such as gold bullion and coins.

  • Material verification/sorting
  • Heat treatment verification
  • Heat or fire damage investigation
  • Lightning damage investigation
  • Determining material purity/composition
  • Material ageing assessment
  • Measuring phosphor content of Cu Alloys
  • Monitoring of deposition process for non ferrous material on a non-ferrous substrate
  • Monitoring the condition of highly stressed parts
  • Forged/plated material detection

The SigmaCheck2 EC Conductivity Meter has a large, color, LCD display that is easily seen in all lighting conditions.

The SigmaCheck2 is easy to hand-hold due a sculpted housing designed to fit in your hand and a convenient size and weight; only ¾ of a pound (350g) and measuring less than 6 ½” tall x 3 ¼” wide x 1” thick (163 x 80 x 25mm). A removable, silicon rubber boot is included to protect the instrument in rough environments. The standard Probe has been designed to comfortably fit the hand of the user.

The SigmaCheck2 ET Conductivity Meter has a standard operating frequency of 60 kHz and auxiliary frequencies of: 120, 240, 480 and optional 960kHz can be selected when necessary for testing thin materials with the standard probe.

  • Field Exchangeable Probes via SD Card
  • True USB PC Connectivity for remote control and data logging.
  • The USB Connection allows easy charging of the Instrument without having to swap the batteries.

Inspection Technology 

Eddy Current. 

Operating Frequencies 

60 kHz, 120 kHz, 240 kHz, 480 kHz.

Conductivity Range 

0.5 % IACS to 110 % IACS, 0.28-64 MS/m 


Probe must be in thermal equilibrium with test material, and instrument and probe stabilized prior to testing Minimum 15-minute warm up time for stabilisation. At 20°C: 0-20% IACS: ± 0.05 IACS At 20°C: >20% IACS ± 0.25% of readout

Display Resolution 

Up to 3 decimal places 

Lift Off 

13 mm probe compensated to 0.020” (0.5mm) 7 mm probe compensated to 0.010” (0.25 mm) 

Temperature Measurement 

In-probe sensor (accurate to 0.5 °C). Range 0 °C to + 50 °C 

Automatic Temperature Compensation 

Conductivity measurements are corrected to the 20°C value. 

Environmental Range 

0 to 95% relative humidity, 0°C to + 50°C for reliable operation 


2.8” (70mm) 320 x 240 pixels colour display. LCD with selectable backlight. 

Construction & Storage 

High impact, splash-proof, moulded UL94-5VA flame-retardant ABS case. Protective rubber boot to protect the unit, probes, probe cable, operator manual on USB, and removable stand. 

Conductivity Standards 

On top of unit. Removable for value verification, and when attached ensures thermal equilibrium. 


2 x 1.5 V AA NiMH Batteries, Approx up to 9 hrs life. Recommended rechargeable batteries: Panasonic Eneloop Pro, 1.2 V min.2500 mAh or equivalent) Can also use non-rechargeable AA cells


163mm (6,4”) x 80mm (3.1”) x 25mm (1.0”)


350g (0.77 pounds) including batteries 

Data Logger Memory 

Removable 2GB micro SD Card allowing over 1 million readings to be stored. 

PC Connectivity 

USB port for charger and PC communications 


13mm diameter for 60 kHz to 480 kHz 8mm probe operates at 60 kHz to 480 kHz Probes are interchangeable with simple operator resetting procedure. Probes are field exchangeable and do not require return to manufacturer for calibration.


A range of conductivity reference standards traceable to US and European standards are available for in field use. Up to five can be mounted on an aluminium anodised Setting Reference Blocks Holder (Part number: ASIG003)

Standard SigmaCheck Kit:

KISIG001A Kit, SigmaCheck2, Conductivity Meter (NIST ONLY). Including:
ISIG001A Instrument, SigmaCheck2, Conductivity Meter. Including: Red Rubber Boot, Manual + Software on USB Stick, x2 AA Nickel Metal Hydride (NINH) Rechargeable Batteries.
PSIG001A Probe, Conductivity, 60,120,240 and 480kHz, Dia 13.00mm, Straight, Lemo 5-Way (SigmaCheck)
ASIG014 Accessory, Dual Conductivity Reference Standards, 

Nominal Value 9% IACS (Nickel Silver) & Nominal Value 59% IACS 

(Aluminium Alloy 1200), (Recommended for Aluminium Alloy use) 

(SigmaCheck/SigmaCheck2) NIST VALUES

ASIG002 Accessory, Instrument Stand (SigmaCheck)
ALL05-L05-012-SIG ALL05-L05-012-SIG - Accessory, Lead, 5-Way Lemo to 5-Way Lemo, 1.2m (SigmaCheck)
A090 Cable, USB, A to MINI B, 1meter
AC005 Accessory, Ultra Portable Carry Case
A092 Power Supply/Battery Charger - USB - Includes, UK, EU, US, AUS and IEC adapters 100-240v (SigmaCheck)
40293 SigmaCheck Quick Reference Card
30239 x2 Ergonomic Probe Skirts for tubes and easy probe handling
Common Accessories  
ASIG010 ASIG010 - Accessory, Dual Conductivity Reference Standards, Nominal Values 2.5% and 102% IACS (SigmaCheck) NIST VALUES
ASIG011 Accessory, Dual Conductivity Reference Standards, 
Nominal Values 8.5% and 101% IACS. Recommended
for High Conductivity maeasuremt e.g. Copper and
Precious Metals  (SigmaCheck/SigmaCheck2)
ASIG004 Accessory. Hard Peli 1400 Case with custom shaped foam inserts (SigmaCheck)
40222 Machined Red Rubber Boot - SigmaCheck
PSIG002A PSIG002A - Probe, Conductivity, Dia 8.00mm, Straight, Lemo 5-Way (SigmaCheck)

ATBC Conductivity Test Block

We offer the following reference blocks;

    • ETher Product Number


      Value Range %IACS

      Value Range MSm



      (99.9 - 102.5)

      (57.9 - 59.5)


      Aluminium Alloy, 1200-H4

      (57.2 - 60.5)

      (33.2 - 35.1)


      Aluminium Alloy, 6082-T6

      (43.8 - 49.0)

      (25.4 -28.4)


      Aluminium Alloy, 6061-T4

      (40.3 - 43.8)

      (23.4 -25.4)


      Aluminium Alloy, 2014A-T6

      (37.0 - 40.3)

      (21.5 - 23.4)


      Aluminium Alloy, 7075-T6

      (30.0 - 34.1)

      (17.4 -19.8)


      Aluminium Alloy, 5083

      (26.6 - 30.0)

      (15.4 - 17.4)


      Brass, CZ 121

      (23.3 - 26.6)

      (13.5 - 15.4)


      Phosphor Bronze


      (7.5 - 10.4)


      Nickel Silver, LC1291

      (9.0 - 9.9)

      (5.2 - 5.7)


      Stainless Steel, 303 S

      (2.1 - 2.5)

      (1.2 - 1.4)


      Titanium, 6AL-4V

      (1.0 - 1.1)

      (0.6 -0.7)

    Download Data Sheet for NIST Traceable Reference Blocks

  • Download Data Sheet for NPL Traceable Reference Blocks
  • Specification:

    The conductivity of each reference standard is determined for the central area of diameter 15mm of front face by comparison with similar material, the conductivity of which has been determined in terms of traceable electrical standards.

     All supplied blocks are calibrated and that the certification of the equipment used for this purpose is traceable to the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology under NIST and calibrated in accordance to ASTM B193-02.

    NOTE: Conductivity values vary, for current stock values please contact 


  • ASIG003- Test block holder
  • A convenient holder (ASIG003) which will hold five reference blocks as well as providing a location to secure a SigmaCheck Top Block.

  • If you have any questions regarding the SigmaCheck2 Conductivity Meter, please feel free to contact a member of the team at