At Ether NDE we can offer two types of Conductivity Probes that fit our SigmaCheck Conductivity Meter. We can now offer our standard Conductivity Probe and our 8mm version.


For use with the SigmaCheck-2 Eddy Current Conductivity Meter, conductivity is widely used to indicate material type and determine the state of heat treatment.

In order to give accurate readings the SigmaCheck-2 uses a three-point reference method. The first measurement with the probe in the air and then two further measurements are required which span the range of interest.

The SigmaCheck-2 is supplied with a detachable reference piece with two standards that span the range of commonly used metals.

Standard Conductivity Probe:

8mm Conductivity Probe:


Each probe is supplied with an SD card, which holds the probes characteristics; this is then inserted into the SigmaCheck being used.

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