Ferroscope 308 System

The world's most sophisticated Remote Field Testing System for tube, pipe & plate.


• Non-destructive inspection of carbon steel, copper, brass, cupro-nickel, ferritic and other alloys

• For tube inside diameter 0.250 inch (6.35mm) and up

• Common usage includes boiler tubes, heat exchanger tubes, and storage tank roofs, floors, walls

• Used in power generation, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and petro-chemical plants

• Supports T4 + Saturn techniques for finned tubes

• Small and large bore applications

• Complies with ASTM standard practice E2096.05 for RFT (Remote Field Testing) of ferrous exchanger tubes

• Designed to meet many special applications such as flat plate and pipe inspection from the inside or outside


• Superb pit detection capabilities

• Dual frequency processing for high sensitivity near tube supports

• High-quality, low noise instrumentation for a wide variety of applications

• Backed by Russell's highly-rated RFT training and technical support

Adept-Pro Software

• Integrates examination planning, data acquisition, analysis, and report generation

• Voltage plane display and analysis for maximum flaw information

• Specialized Remote Field analysis channels including support plate suppression and uniform wall loss signal filter

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