Eddy Current (ECT) Flaw Detection Equipment and Instruments for Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

ETher NDE offers an extensive range of Eddy Current (ECT) NDT instruments to cater for a wide variety of industries, applications and operator levels. We pride ourselves of developing innovative and end-user focussed equipment and we are continuously striving to develop our product range.

Our Comprehensive Range of Flaw Detectors see here

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In addition to Flaw Detectors we have the SigmaCheck Eddy Current Electrical Conductivity Meter, the VeeScan Aircraft Wheel Hub Inspection System, Eddy Current and MFL Tube Testers and a Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection system for evaluating Corrosion Under Insulation and other difficult applications.

We also have products aimed at those wishing to create automated eddy current inspection solutions.