WHAT IS ETher NDE all about?

Welcome to ETher NDE. We are a dedicated manufacturer of Eddy Current Testing (ECT) non-destructive testing NDT equipment, probes and accessories design and manufacture company.

ETher NDE offers the best in Eddy Current NDT specialists and knowledge for all your eddy current NDT application issues.

At ETher NDE we provide Eddy Current NDT Flaw Detectors (AeroCheck+, AeroCheck, WeldCheck, ETi-200) ECT Conductivity Meters (SigmaCheck), ET Aircraft Wheel Inspection Systems; (Veescan), ECT Probes, Weld Probes (including high temperature) and EC Rotary Drives, special Eddy Current Probe Design, Eddy Current Accessories and Test Blocks. More



And Now Pulsed Eddy Current also....

ETher NDE have concluded an agreement with

Maxwell ndt BBVA to represent globally their

pulsed eddy current technology (PECT) product. 

PECT has been developed to detect corrosion

hidden under insulation. Previous instruments

often lacked the power to be fast and effective.

Using the latest battery technology, MAXWELL
NDT introduces a novel and very powerful PECT

instrument with a design based on 20 years’
hands-on experience at a global Oil Company.

Other applications of PECT include:


  • Corrosion under fireproofing
  • Detection and sizing of flow
    accelerated corrosion (FAC)
  • Inspections in the splash zone
    – through coatings, marine
    growth and corrosion product
  • Jetty Pile Inspection
    Application Note
  • Storage Tank Underfloor Annular
    Inspection Application Note
  • Wall thickness monitoring and
    inspection through repair wraps
  • Defect assessment through
    corrosion product 


New members of the ETher Eddy Current Flaw Detector Family
ETher NDE has further enhanced its industry leading flaw detector product range by upgrading the AeroCheck and WeldCheck to have many of the advanced features that the AeroCheck+ featured over 2 years ago and adding a new model called the WeldCheck+. All share the same look and feel including the red rubber bumpers. Further information  and webpage update to follow. 

A new AeroCheck Family brochure is here  and a new WeldCheck Family brochure is here.

A summary explanation of the difference when compared with the previous AeroCheck and WeldCheck may be read here



What industry do you need Eddy Current NDT solutions for?


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