Eddy Current (ET) Weld Probes - History

The history of the Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Weld Probe has been something that has been part of the ETher NDE Managing Director, John Hansens, life for the length of his career. As part of the old Hocking NDT team (along with many of the ETher team), John was instrumental to the development of the Weldscan and now the ETher NDE Eddy Current (EC) Weld Probe range.

1966: Admiralty materials laboratory in the UK develops the Amlec for ferrous weld inspection (Hocking NDT licence the technology) using a simple absolute probe.

1982: The Hocking Weld Probe was developed by John Calvert and John Hansen (ETher NDE Managing Director) for use with impedance plane eddy current instruments.

2000: Inspection procedure is standardised by BS EN 1711 Eddy Current Examination of Welds by Complex Plane Analysis.

With many of the ETher NDE team members being ex Hocking, it is without doubt that we have the expertise required to continue this rich history of Weld Probe Design and Manufacture. If you are looking for quality Eddy Current (ET) Weld Probes, then you really have to look no further!

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