Eddy Current Technology Incorporated.

  World NDT Societies:


   Australia (AINDT)



   Brazil (ABENDI)


   Canada (CINDE)


   Czech Republic


   Germany (DGZfp)


   Indonesia (AUTRI)






   Spain (AEND)

   South Africa


   European Federation of NDT (EFNDT)

   The World Organisation for NDT (ICNDT)


   Structural Integrity Monitoring Network

   The Institution of Engineering and Technology

   Engineering Council


   ETher NDE welcomes requests to share links with NDT User Groups and Forums.

   Dilbert at www.dilbert.com


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Training Schools

We are pleased to recommend the following links as useful starting points when trying to select the best NDT Training School for you...

BINDT List of Accredited Training Schools.

ASNT Directory of NDT Training Institutes.

ICNDT Guide to Certification of NDT Personnel.