Eddy Current Inspection In The Power Generation Industry

Application Sub - Application ETher NDE Best Solution ETher NDE Alternative Solution
  Instrument Probe Instrument Probe
Defect Detection Surface Crack Detection AeroCheck2 Shielded Surface Probe WeldCheck2 Shielded Surface Probe

Defect /

AeroCheck2 Spot Faced Probe WeldCheck2 Spot
Faced Probe
  Inspection with dual frequency mixing AeroCheck+ Suitable Probe ETi-200 Suitable Probe
Material Sorting Non-Ferrous SigmaCheck N/A AeroCheck+ Spot Face Probe
Ferrous SigmaCheck N/A WeldCheck2 Spot Face Probe

Coating Thickness Assessment 

SigmaCheck N/A AeroCheck+ Spot Face Probe

Wall Thickness Assessment

AeroCheck2 Spot Face Probe WeldCheck2 Spot Face Probe
Tube Inspection ID Non-Ferrous ETi-200 ID Probe AeroCheck+ ID Probe
Weld Inspection

As per EN1711

Weld Probe WeldCheck2 Weld Probe
Hole Inspection Manual AeroCheck+ Bolt Hole Probe WeldCheck2 Bolt Hole Probe
Dynamic AeroCheck+ Mercury Rotary Drive AeroCheck2 Saturn or Mercury Drive