Eddy Current Inspection In The Oil & Gas Industry

Application Sub - Application ETher NDE Best Solution ETher NDE Alternative Solution
  Instrument Probe Instrument Probe
Defect Detection Surface Crack Detection AeroCheck2 Shielded Surface Probe WeldCheck2 Shielded Surface Probe
  Inspection with dual frequency mixing AeroCheck+ Suitable Probe ETi-200 Suitable Probe
Material Sorting Non-Ferrous SigmaCheck N/A AeroCheck+ Spot Face Probe
Ferrous SigmaCheck N/A WeldCheck Spot Face Probe

Coating Thickness Assessment 

SigmaCheck N/A AeroCheck+ Spot Face Probe

Wall Thickness Assessment

AeroCheck2 Spot Face Probe WeldCheck2 Spot Face Probe
Tube Inspection ID Non-Ferrous ETi-200 ID Probe AeroCheck+ ID Probe
Weld Inspection

As per EN1711

WeldCheck+ Weld Probe WeldCheck2 Weld Probe