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ETher NDE News Welcome to Fabien

ETher NDE is pleased to announce the recruitment of another member of the Engineering Team. Fabien Roubault.

Fabien first came to ETher NDE as an summer internship while studying mechatronics in an engineering school called ESIGELEC located in Rouen, France. This was part of his course in order to graduate. Fabien joined us during his summer break for two years running and worked exclusively on specified projects, both of which are part of the our on going R&D projects so he was a key part of the team during his short time periods with us.

Once graduated, it worked out as perfect timing for ETher to expand their Engineering Team and Fabien seemed to be the obvious choice. He was then invited to join us on a more permanent basis.

John Hansen, MD said, "Fabien Roubault who has worked twice for us as in the last two years as part of his studying for a M.Sc. In Mechatronics at ESIGELEC in Rouen, France joined the ETher NDE engineering department full time in January 2015

Fabien further enhances the already comprehensive skill set of our engineering team at ETher NDE enabling us to continue our plan to produce innovative products for the NDT market designed and manufactured in the UK".


2015-03-16 16:14:47

ETher NDE News ETher NDE in the USA next week

Next week will see ETher NDE at two separate exhibitions in the USA next week.

One will be our annual trip to the ASNT Spring Conference which this year is being held from 16th - 19th March 2015 at the Hyatt Regency, Orange County Garden Grove in California. Attending this conference from ETher NDE will be Mike Reilly. Although a smaller show than the ASNT Fall Show, it is still a key opportunity for us to touch base with our USA customers and support the ASNT.

The second show will see John Hansen travel to Florica for the USA Air Force NDI Conference Spring 2015. This is a conference that we have not previously participated in, but we feel that it is a prime opportunity to meet people at the core of NDT in the Air Force.

We hope to see you at one of the conferences.


2015-03-13 16:08:09

ETher NDE News BINDT Insight Magazine Cover for December 2014

This month’s front cover features the AeroCheck Series Eddy Current Flaw Detector from ETher NDE. The AeroCheck Series has two versions, the AeroCheck and AeroCheck+. Both instruments can be used with Absolute, Bridge and Reflection Probes without the need for adaptors and offer rotary capability as standard. In addition, the AeroCheck+ offers dual frequency with auto-mix and conductivity measurement as well as a fantastic frequency range from 20Hz to 20MHz.

With a fully daylight readable screen, weighing just 1.2kg and housed in a tough Aluminium/Mg Si 0.5 Alloy powder-coated outer case, the AeroCheck Series is ideal for any working environment from the laboratory to the tightest spaces on an aircraft.

This photo was shot at ATC Lasham. With strategic sites in Lasham and Southend, ATC is the UK’s leading independent aircraft maintenance provider.

We would like to thank all the staff at ATC Lasham for allowing us to use their facilities to capture our photos.


2014-12-08 13:13:34

ETher NDE News AeroCheck+ Enhancements

September 2014 saw the official launch of the AeroCheck+ Eddy Current Flaw Detector from ETher NDE and since then even more tools to enhance the user experience have been added to offer the operator the very best in capabilities and ease-of-use along with excellent Eddy Current Performance.

The AeroCheck+ offers the same features as the AeroCheck, including Rotary Capabilities as standard, but in addition offers Dual Frequency with Auto-mix and Conductivity Measurement as well as an outstanding Frequency Range from 20Hz to 20MHz.

Auto-mix simplifies the sometimes complex procedure of mixing two different frequency signals and can be achieved on the AeroCheck+ through a series of easy steps. Setting the Auto-mix itself is as simple as pressing one key.

Since launching the AeroCheck+, a number of additional benefits have been introduced to the unit. Firstly, there is the innovative “Loop” feature. “Loop” is a convenient way of capturing a live repetitive signal and then optimizing the instrument settings especially Phase, Gain and Filters in order to simplify the task of optimizing the parameters.

Secondly, we have added “Guides”, which allow the user to display a slide show that can be created easily with commonly used desktop software. The benefit of this feature is that instructions, tutorials and procedures for the inspection can be added to the AeroCheck+ very quickly and the NDT inspector can easily switch between the Inspection itself and the “Guides” while performing a live test.

John Hansen, Managing Director of ETher NDE, said "Since introducing the Aerocheck in February, we have been able to gather extensive feedback from Eddy Current NDE Professionals around the world and we have endeavoured to distill the best of these ideas and suggestions into the functions and performance of the AeroCheck+. We are very confident that this process has resulted in the AeroCheck+ being the most powerful, yet simple to use, hand-held Eddy Current Instrument the Industry has ever seen".


2014-12-08 13:01:25

ETher NDE News A4A 2014

The A4A (Airlines for America) symposium is something that ETher NDE has been involved in for the past three years and this year was no exception. This September we headed to San Francisco for the conference.

As well as exhibiting at this key event for American Airlines to come together and discuss critical and evolving NDT matters, we also hosted another hospitality suite in the evenings after the symposium had finished for the day.

Our suite was well attended in particular when the games of Jenga reached fever-pitch between Kate, our Marketing Manager and our visitors.

Alongside the fun, we were also there to display our latest equipment from ETher NDE and Baugh & Weedon. With enhancements to the AeroCheck and AeroCheck+, it was a perfect chance to demonstrate these to the key people in American Airline NDT circles. You can read more about the AeroCheck enhancements here.


2014-12-08 12:49:58


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