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ETher NDE News Quality Mag Publishes Our Article - The Role of Eddy Current NDT in Aerospace

Quality Mag approached ETher NDE about writing an article for its publication back at the beginning of the year and we are very pleased to that we agreed to help them as we have now seen our article published in Quality Magazine, an industry-leading magazine for its sector.

As the publication appeals to a broad range of readers and not just NDT professionals, it was important that the article reflected this. Therefore John Hansen and Kate Hodgson worked together to produce the piece. John is a Level 3 NDT professional while Kate is the Marketing Manager for ETher NDE and previous to coming to work for ETher, had no NDT experience. Kate said, "It was a great opportunity to be able to take the time to learn the basics of Eddy Current NDT in more depth while writing an informative piece for the Quality Magazine and giving ETher NDE some great exposure. My inexperience in Eddy Current NDT meant that the article stayed at a "learning" level, while John's extensive knowledge helped to make the trickier concepts clearer throughout both to me and hopefully the reader."

As well as the scientific concepts surrounding Eddy Current NDT, the article looks at the expected growth in the Aerospace market and the long-term goals and role for ECT NDT.

At ETher NDE we are passionate about encouraging new people into NDT and giving back to the industry by offering articles that will appeal to NDT professionals of all levels including the beginners. Often the academic papers can be mind blowing and we feel that it is important to support training of all levels.

You can read the full article at


2014-07-15 08:52:53

ETher NDE News Major WeldCheck / AeroCheck Screen Improvements

We have been constantly updating and improving the AeroCheck and WeldCheck software and this week we have made a major improvement to the signal display presentation on the WeldCheck/AeroCheck and this will be available as an update shortly.

If you are looking for a new Eddy Current Flaw Detector and want the best support and knowledge to accompany your equipment, please ge tin touch to arrange a demo at

Read more about the AeroCheck and WeldCheck on our website. Just follow the links.


2014-07-07 08:05:41

ETher NDE News NDT Product Showcase Days

We would like to invite all our customers, friends and NDT professionals to the ETher NDE and Baugh & Weedon NDT Product Showcase days.

We are hosting two separate days on the 25th June 2014 at the Hilton in Southampton and 26th June 2014 at Tortworth Court between Bristol and Gloucester on the M5. We will be displaying all the latest products available from ETher and Baugh & Weedon including (but not limited to):

Eddy Current Flaw Detectors (AeroCheck+, AeroCheck and WeldCheck)

Eddy Current Conductivity Meter

Eddy Current Probes

Aircraft Wheel Inspection information

Fully functional, Mini Demo MPI Bench

UT Thickness Gauges

UT Flaw Detector

UT Phased Array


Penetrant Line information

Dye Penetrant Accessories

Light Meters

UV & White Light Inspection Lamps

Eclipse Scientific Technology

Accoustocam UT Camera

Plus our team of NDT experts on hand to discuss any of your inspection needs.

If you would like to attend either day, please email or drop in anytime between 9am - 3:30pm.


Download a flyer for the Southampton Product Showcase Here.


Download a flyer for the Gloucester / Bristol Product Showcase Here.


2014-06-12 15:51:05

ETher NDE News Learning the Ropes at Two Day Open Sessions

Two Day Eclipse Scientific High Temperature Equipment Open Days at Rigmar Training Centre Ltd.

Mid May saw Pete Burrows from Baugh & Weedon NDE head to Aberdeen to demonstrate the Eclipse Scientific High Temperature Equipment. Rigmar Training Centre Ltd was kind enough to host the demonstration event over two days and provide Pete with a safe environment to use a hot plate to highlight the advantages of the Eclipse High Temperature scanner and probe. 

There was plenty of interest in the equipment, but the trip also gave Pete the opportunity to catch up with customers about all the products across ETher NDE and Baugh & Weedon. Kate Hodgson joined Pete on the trip and used the time to gather valuable feedback from customers regarding all the available products from ETher NDE and Baugh & Weedon with particular focus on the WeldCheck Eddy current flaw detector from ETher NDE. She also found time to monkey around on the ropes; being given some very beginners training in rope access.

Pete said of the trip “It was a really valuable chance to show off the Eclipse Scientific Equipment whist it was in the country for a limited period. We hope the open days will encourage further interest in the Eclipse products.”

Kate added, “As well as being able to meet some key customers, it was both great fun and a good opportunity to see how rope access really feels by getting on the ropes. I now have a greater understanding of how difficult it must be for NDT Inspectors offshore. Although I was totally petrified to begin with by the end I was really enjoying it. I would like to say thank you to both Ray Wilson and Ray Liversidge at Rigmar Training Centre Ltd for taking the time to give me that experience”. 


2014-06-10 16:41:16

ETher NDE News Eddy Current Sales Training a Hit

Last week saw ETher NDE host our first ever Eddy Current (ECT) Sales Training Course for our international distributors.

The sunny weather offered a welcome change for our visiting distributors from all corners of the world and with the focus of the course being on ECT knowledge and product training, we were pleased to be able to offer our attendees a detailed and full agenda.

The course started with a basic Eddy Current Theory session. For some this was a welcome chance to really get to grips with Eddy Current and for other a great opportunity to revisit the theory that they already know well.

We followed this with a lovely three-course dinner and few drinks in the hotel bar before starting day-two of the training. The second day focussed more on Eddy Current Applications and Product Training, giving our distributors time to "play" with our range of ECT Flaw Detectors including the new AeroCheck and WeldCheck and ask any questions to the ETher NDE Engineering team. The main outcome to the Product Training being that any distributor would be able to apply the AeroCheck, WeldCheck or ETi-200 to any possible ECT application that their customers may throw at them.

We rounded off the two day event with a factory tour of our facilities for those who had not yet visited us in Harpenden.

We believe that this training has armed our distributors with the necessary product training to be able to help any of their customers world-wide as well as allowing us to make sure that they are fully up to date with our latest technology and confident with using Eddy Current as a NDT method.

We will definitely be looking forward to hosting another ECT Sales Training in the future and will hopefully be able to take this training event to the USA later this year.

More pics to follow very soon...


2014-04-22 14:24:12


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