The VeeScan Eddy Current Aircraft Wheel Inspection Systems are a key part of the ETher NDE range. Designed by the team behind the Hocking Wheelscan 5, the VeeScan has the pedigree of expert engineering expected within the industry.

The recent months have seen the first of the VeeScan units going into production with orders from key airlines in the Middle East. 

With competitive products either having their support withdrawn or harbouring ageing technology, it has become a key time for the VeeScan to really make an impact into the market.

The VeeScan is ETher’s first Wheel Inspection System and is available in two different models, VeeScan H for maximum flexibility and VeeScan R for optimised productivity. 

The VeeScan is able to be configured with a wide choice of probes and allows any wheel testing facility the flexibility to select the system most compatible with their workload. Teamed with a full choice of operation modes, the VeeScan maximises the probability of detection.


2015-07-21 16:34:43