ETher NDE is pleased to introduce ECHO-3D, the newest technology for the detection of surface breaking defects and crack depth measurements from Athena Industrial.

ECHO-3D is an Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) based technology that uses Electro-Magnetic Field Imaging (EMFI) to display surface breaking defects in a 3D image.

As a new concept in the NDT sphere, ECHO-3D has the advances in technology that offer new possibilities in crack detection. Ideal for inspection applications in petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, aerospace, infrastructure and manufacturing industries, Echo-3D can be used for detecting surface and sub-surface defects in carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys and aluminium and is capable of identifying cracks and giving crack detection information in explosive clad carbon steel.

Primarily, a focusing element that creates a large hemi elliptical toroidal field below the Sensor, creates EMF whose shape is measured in the X, Y and Z planes by specially shaped antenna coils.

The EMF shape can be affected by material permeability, conductivity, shape and distance from the surface to the sensor.  Importantly, ECHO-3D has the ability to cancel out these effects using a null command before scanning.

Additionally, the material is not left with a residual magnetic field and therefore does not require degaussing prior to return to service.

With regards to the surface preparation, ECHO-3D require s little or no pre inspection surface cleaning as it does not require contact with it to detect a defect. ECHO-3D can also be used through paint, dirt and non-conductive coatings.

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2016-10-06 10:48:07