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ETher NDE News Feb 2017 Product Update

ETher NDE enhance their industry leading eddy current flaw detector range by adding AeroCheck+ features (eg rubber boot, loop, trace and guides) to the WeldCheck and AeroCheck plus introduce a new instrument the WeldCheck+.

Two new data sheets have been prepared for the AeroCheck2 and + and for the WeldCheck2 and +


There is also a sequence of 3 videos explaining the operation of the new Automatic Lift Off Gain Compensation.


2017-02-10 00:00:00

ETher NDE News ETher NDE New Probe Catalogue

ETher NDE are pleased to have published the NEW version 7 Probe Catalogue for 2017. Seventy six pages full of all the Eddy Current NDT Probes you could possibly ever need! Download the latest brochure here.


2017-01-10 11:38:38

ETher NDE News Introducing Echo 3D

ETher NDE is pleased to introduce ECHO-3D, the newest technology for the detection of surface breaking defects and crack depth measurements from Athena Industrial.

ECHO-3D is an Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) based technology that uses Electro-Magnetic Field Imaging (EMFI) to display surface breaking defects in a 3D image.

As a new concept in the NDT sphere, ECHO-3D has the advances in technology that offer new possibilities in crack detection. Ideal for inspection applications in petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, aerospace, infrastructure and manufacturing industries, Echo-3D can be used for detecting surface and sub-surface defects in carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys and aluminium and is capable of identifying cracks and giving crack detection information in explosive clad carbon steel.

Primarily, a focusing element that creates a large hemi elliptical toroidal field below the Sensor, creates EMF whose shape is measured in the X, Y and Z planes by specially shaped antenna coils.

The EMF shape can be affected by material permeability, conductivity, shape and distance from the surface to the sensor.  Importantly, ECHO-3D has the ability to cancel out these effects using a null command before scanning.

Additionally, the material is not left with a residual magnetic field and therefore does not require degaussing prior to return to service.

With regards to the surface preparation, ECHO-3D require s little or no pre inspection surface cleaning as it does not require contact with it to detect a defect. ECHO-3D can also be used through paint, dirt and non-conductive coatings.

Find out more at

2016-10-06 10:48:07

ETher NDE News ETher win MOD Contract

ETher NDE is delighted to announce that they have successfully secured an Order from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to supply almost two hundred Eddy Current Flaw Detectors, which will be deployed worldwide.

ETher NDE will be supplying the MoD with their AeroCheck+ ECT Flaw Detector, the latest flaw detector to be added to the ETher NDE range. The AeroCheck+ was launched by ETher in January 2015 and has proven a perfect fit for the MoD requirement meeting all their specification needs.

The AeroCheck+ offers Rotary Capabilities as standard as well as offering Dual Frequency with Auto-mix (which simplifies the sometimes complex procedure of mixing two different frequency signals) and Conductivity Measurement along with an outstanding Frequency Range from 10Hz to 12.8MHz.

A number of additional benefits have been introduced in the AeroCheck+; the innovative “Loop” feature which captures a short live signal and then allows the operator to easily optimise the instrument settings especially Phase, Gain and Filters, thus greatly simplifying the task of instrument setup.

A novel feature is “Guides”, which allows the user to display a slide show that can be created with commonly used desktop software allowing instructions, tutorials and procedures for the inspection to be readily available to the NDT technician on the AeroCheck+.

The MoD awarded ETher the Contract on 3rd September 2015, but there had been substantial previous work undertaken to get the AeroCheck+ and our bid to that successful stage, with Tender submission in June 2015 and pre-qualification being achieved in August 2014.

Delivery of the units is already underway and as business continues to grow for Ether NDE, this order is contributing to a very busy and exciting end to 2015 for the company.

John Hansen, Managing Director of ETher NDE said, “This was a hard fought contract against a worthy opponent but I’m glad to say ETher NDEs customer focus and principal of offering our customers outstanding Eddy Current instrument performance at a competitive price and in a compact package resulted in our success.”


2016-01-15 14:33:56

ETher NDE News First of the Veescans successfully delivered

The VeeScan Eddy Current Aircraft Wheel Inspection Systems are a key part of the ETher NDE range. Designed by the team behind the Hocking Wheelscan 5, the VeeScan has the pedigree of expert engineering expected within the industry.

The recent months have seen the first of the VeeScan units going into production with orders from key airlines in the Middle East. 

With competitive products either having their support withdrawn or harbouring ageing technology, it has become a key time for the VeeScan to really make an impact into the market.

The VeeScan is ETher’s first Wheel Inspection System and is available in two different models, VeeScan H for maximum flexibility and VeeScan R for optimised productivity. 

The VeeScan is able to be configured with a wide choice of probes and allows any wheel testing facility the flexibility to select the system most compatible with their workload. Teamed with a full choice of operation modes, the VeeScan maximises the probability of detection.


2015-07-21 16:34:43


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